The Pope’s Mission – Tuesday 19th July 2022

“Let us help one another to be leaven in the dough of this world. Together we can and must continue to care for human life, the protection of creation, the dignity of work, the problems of families, the treatment of the elderly and all those who are abandoned, rejected or treated with contempt.

In a word, we are called to be a Church that promotes the culture of care, tenderness and compassion towards the vulnerable. A Church that fights all forms of corruption and decay, including those of our cities and the places we frequent, so that in the life of every people the joy of the Gospel may shine forth. This is our “fight”, and this is our challenge.

The temptation to stand still is great; the temptation of that nostalgia which makes us look to other times as better. May we not fall into the temptation of “looking back” which is becoming fashionable today in the Church.”

Pope Francis – Homily ~ June 29, 2022


We have added a Prayer Section to our website. People who wish to request prayers may submit a confidential request on the website.

People who wish to pray for the Mission of the Church will find an outline on the same page. Please consider praying a decade of the rosary on a daily basis for the evangelising Mission of the Church and the Pope’s intentions.


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